Get the Facts!

We hope your questions about The Goalie Trainer will be answered with this list of frequently asked questions. Please be sure to read through this before completing the Get Started questionnaire or contacting us with another question you may have.

What is your Cancellation and Refund Policy?

General Cancellation Policy

The Goalie Trainer is committed to helping field hockey goalies of all ages develop to their highest potential. We have instituted a cancellation policy to remain consistent with this mission.

Please notify us no less than seven (7) days in advance about a cancellation. This will allow us the opportunity to provide a training spot for another player.

Cancellations made more than seven (7) days in advance of a session* will incur a 10% administrative fee, with the remaining amount available as credit toward a future event. Please refer to our credit policy below for further information.

No refunds or credits will be made for cancellations made with less than seven (7) days notice prior to the start of a session.* Please see the refund policy below for more information.

Repeated cancellations may result in future inability to train with The Goalie Trainer.


General Refund Policy

As stated above, no refunds or credits will be made for cancellations made with less than seven (7) days notice prior to the start of a session. The only potential exception for this policy will be under emergency circumstances relating to a physician-documented physical injury that makes training dangerous for the player. Under such emergency circumstances, a credit towards a future event (less a 10% administrative fee) will be provided. Please refer to our credit policy below for further information.


General Credit Policy

All credits toward future events must be used within one (1) year of the session. Credits may be applied to different session types.

The Goalie Trainer will work with the player to find appropriate training sessions to apply the credit, but cannot guarantee availability of specific sessions as our sessions fill-up quickly. However, The Goalie Trainer will make 100% good faith efforts to make appropriate sessions available in a reasonable timeframe.


Please note: some training opportunities may have a no cancellation, no refund, no credit policy. These will be specifically noted in the training description. Thank you.

Can I do private lessons?

The Goalie Trainer is committed to providing comprehensive training for goalies of all levels, beginner through college and beyond. Emily believes this is most successful in a small group setting.

Small groups of 2-3 goalies provide the ability to practice drills that cannot be accomplished one-on-one. Multiple goalies help provide a fast-paced, dynamic practice.

Individual instruction may be provided on a very limited case-by-case basis (e.g., goalie returning from injury, traveling from out of town, working on a specific skill that must be learned before playing in college).

Goalies interested in individual instruction may inquire using the Get Started questionnaire.

Do you offer virtual training or film analysis?

Unfortunately, we do not offer these services at this time. Please fill out the Get Started questionnaire so we know you are interested and can be contacted if these services should become available.

Do you coach college goalies?

Yes! Emily loves working with college goalies. Specific times are scheduled for the summer and winter breaks to accommodate training for goalies away at school. Fill out the information on the Get Started questionnaire for college athletes to be the first to know when these times become available.

My child expressed interest in becoming a goalie. Where do we start?

That’s awesome! The best place to start is with a clinic specially designed for new goalies. Emily will foster their sense of excitement in their new position. Your new goalie will learn the basic skills needed to confidently step on to the pitch.

Fill out the information on the Get Started questionnaire to be notified when clinics are being held.

Your new goalie will also need equipment (called a kit). If your school or club does not provide equipment, The Goalie Trainer has teamed up with Longstreth to guide you in your purchase. The guide will be available soon – please check back.

What is the best equipment for a goalie?

Goalie equipment, or kit, should be based on size, skill level, and level of play. The Goalie Trainer has teamed up with Longstreth to provide a guide to buying equipment. Please check back for a downloadable guide which will be available soon.

Can the Goalie Trainer help me get recruited?

Your first step to being recruited is working hard and developing your skill set. After that, The Goalie Trainer can help.

Goalies that participate in small group lessons or clinics always have the opportunity to ask for advice or guidance in the recruiting process. All that is required is to ask!

If more help is needed, Emily offers skills videos to provide to college coaches or one-hour personal consultations for an additional fee.

Please complete the Get Started questionnaire and indicate your interest in the open-ended message field.

Can my goalie train with friends or teammates?

Yes…and no. Mini clinics can be arranged for a group of goalie buddies or team goalies coming in from out of town.

Small group lessons are based on availability, age, and skill. Small group training with a friend is a possibility, but not guaranteed.

Best friends off the field sometimes don’t make the best training partners. The goal is to provide an excellent training experience for all participants.

I need practice on one specific skill. Can you help?

Small group training is completely customized to each group and the needs of their participants. There is ample opportunity to focus on a specific skill or to learn new ones. Over the course of the small group session, you will be able to focus of different skills as your needs change.

On a very limited basis, The Goalie Trainer can provide individual skills instruction. This would be in the case of a goalie returning from injury, coming from out of town, or a skill needed before playing in college. If you are interested in these services please complete the Get Started questionnaire.

Can you coach a high school goalie squad?

Training may be arranged for a school or club goalie squad to have a training session at The Goalie Trainer facility. If an out of town team is traveling to the Philadelphia area for a tournament, you can request a mini clinic. Emily is always happy to train teams, but availability is extremely limited.

Please use this contact form for general inquiries to express interest in having a team mini clinic.

I'm a young, highly skilled goalie or an older beginner. Where do I fit in?

Since small groups are based on both age and skill, there is a place for you at The Goalie Trainer. Fill out the information on the Get Started questionnaire as accurately as possible and make a note of any specific concerns you have. This will allow proper placement for a successful small group.

We have a group of goalies interested in training with you, but we're outside Pennsylvania. Can you come to us?

If you are interested in hosting Emily, please contact The Goalie Trainer using the general inquiry contact form. Everybody loves a road trip, but availability is very limited. However, we would be happy to discuss the opportunity in further detail.

I can't commit to twelve weeks for a small group series. What are my options?

Our 1-day or 2-day clinics are a great option. Complete the Get Started questionnaire and you will be notified when clinic registration is available.

Still have a question? Please contact us using this general inquiry form.